My unforgettable experience in MHT Senior High School

Hi guys!!!!

Hollaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa everyone J

Long time no see, ha-ha

Kay guys, in this time I want post about my unforgettable experience when I was studying in MHT senior high school.

Guys do you know who is Ms. Desi ? That’s right, she is my English teacher. I’ve told you in my post about school life that she has give her students assignment to make a mini film. And now, I want explain about my experience in making this assignment.

Ms. Desi asked us to make it in a group that consists of ten people. So there are two groups in each class in MHT. So, I have nine friends in my group, they are Putri, Syifa, Selma, Gita, Wiwid, Hanif, Bunga, Brian, and Bagus. For shooting, of course we have to use a handy cam, fortunately, Gita my fiend has it. So we can continue doing our assignment. Actually, this assignment was gave before “Idul Fitri” holiday, but there’s no time that I and my team mate can gather together in a place that maybe we can discuss about our assignment and take a shoot for some scene, because we don’t have any same time to gather. So we’ve decided to discuss it after holiday. Actually, some of my teammates have been gather in a place and they were discussing about our mini film theme. And they got idea, to make a MHT Idol Show. At first, I and the other my friends were agree but later on after holiday we’ve heard from the other groups that “MHT Idol Show” was not a mini film. So, we’ve decided “again” to discussing about the theme.

After think, and think, we’ve got some ideas, they are about “How difficult is to make a mini film”, “School Life”, “Friendship”, etc. So, we discussed again and then we took decision to make a mini film with story that tell about there is an English Teacher give her students assignment to make a mini film. Yeah, actually it’s our assignment, but it’s not really same! In that film, we were going to perform the process of two groups that will make a mini film. But, one of those two groups is going to cheat the other group’s idea because they can’t get idea by their self.

Back to the real condition we were confuse about the location for shooting. Of course there are some scenes that the location was in school. But we are going to make some scenes outside our school, like in Café, or maybe restaurant. So we decided again to take shoots for some scenes outside school in a café or restaurant in Teras Kota Mall. And we’ve also decided about the time. We were going to gather in Teras Kota after some of us were finished in followed a math Olympiad.

In Teras Kota mall, we were taking the video in a restaurant that I forgot the name, because actually I feel really tired at that time. Guys, just for you know, actually not all of my teammates come to that place, because some of them can’t go for some reasons, because we only have a mini time, so we have to continue the process. We ate, laughed, took some pictures and of course took the video for our assignment. Minutes became hours, and we’ve decided to go home at 05.35 pm. We were really tired. However, I was happy because the result was satisfied for me.

Later on, we take videos again and again, I think, it almost every day and until night, and of course it’s really tiring us. We were happy, because our film were almost finish. So, before we take videos for the last scene, some of us include me; try to edit the videos of previous scenes to become a mini film. BUT … OUR HAPPY FEELING WAS SUDDENLY CHANGED TO BAD FEELINGS. OUR VIDEO RECORD IN THE FIRST CD WAS DISSAPEAR. IT WAS GONE FROM THE CD. WE’RE REALLY SUREPRISE BECAUSE OF IT and of course PANIC.

But later on, we’ve tried and tried, but it didn’t work.

So, we decided to take videos again for those scenes. It is the only way.

We were taking videos.

Go on

And go on…

It’s really tiring of course.

Minutes became hours.

Hours became days.

And days became weeks.

And, J


Immediately, we convert the videos. And we were going to edit it. But, problem comes again; we can’t edit it in “Windows Movie Maker” program because the format isn’t match. So, we PANIC “AGAIN”.

FORTUNATELY, one of my friends from the other group have a same problem like us and they’ve solve their problem by using another program that called “ULEAD MOVIE FACTORY”. And J ALHAMDULILLAH, WE CAN EDIT OUR FILM.


HIKS, it’s really frustrating.

And, another bad thing is the time for submit it was the next day.

So, we can’t submit it on time. We always tried to burn it to the CD, but it didn’t work. Alhamdulillah, Ms. Desi gives us time, to submit it.

So the next week, we can submit it.

Our mini film was ready to watch.

I am really happy. And so do my teammates.:)

Kay guys, I think it’s all about my unforgettable experience in MHT. I think, from my story, you can guess why I use this experience for this post.

See you again, and Bye J

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